Rent Collection:
We collect and deposit your rents on the day they are due and ensure that the payment clears and then forward the balance after deductions to you directly or if you prefer, directly to your financial institution.

Any late payments or returned rent cheques will be dealt with by us contacting the tenant to arrange immediate payment by an alternate method and/or serving the appropriate notice for a late rent payment.

Rent increases and renewals:
When the time comes for your leases to be renewed, with your authorization, we will contact your tenants to discuss the renewal and if applicable, advising them of the rent increase and make arrangements to collect the new rent cheques for the next term.

Expense management:
When managing buildings with multiple units we take care of making payments to your utility providers.

Monthly and Annual Statements
Each month we will send you an itemized statement showing your income from each individual unit as well as a total for the building which will include supplementary income such as coin laundry or the like. Your statement will also show your monthly expenses itemized including utilities, repairs and maintenance, contract services etc. We forward copies of all invoices and bills to you but we always retain a digital copy in case you misplace them or need them in a digital format at any time. Depending on how you have structured your investment, at the end of each calendar year we will send you a full accounting of your income and expenses for the whole year in one document.

Property Inspections:
We perform inspections of each individual unit twice every year, for multi unit properties.

Maintenance and Mechanical Servicing
We will take care of arranging annual servicing of your mechanical assets including, boilers, water heaters, air conditioning units, furnaces etc. We can arrange janitorial services to help maintain the interior and exterior of your properties and keep them in optimum condition to maintain a happy tenant base which will improve your tenant retention and limit potential void periods.

Repairs and Renovations
Appliances break down from time to time and this can be a major headache as your tenants will need and/or want a speedy repair and finding someone to do this isn’t easy however, our service partners can provide a speedy and efficient service that will get things back on track in the shortest time possible. We understand that an appliance breaking down can be anything from a minor inconvenience to a major disaster, needless to say, everyone is happier if the repair is taken care of in short order and at a reasonable cost, we do both.

We are happy to use your preferred contractor but if the need ever arises, our contractors will be able to carry out any repairs or renovations to a standard you will be more than happy with.

Snow removal and Landscaping
At you request we will arrange for snow removal and landscaping.

Serving Notices
In the event that we need to serve notice on one of the tenants, we will take care of serving the notices properly so we can reach the conclusion of matters with minimal delay, in the event we need to go to a hearing we will recommend a paralegal or assist you in finding and instructing a paralegal.

If you have any questions, feel free to call our office and we will be happy to meet with you in person to discuss our services in more detail.